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The Revolution in Creativity with the ProFamily

Since the foundation in 1998 AllCAD Technologies  was always committed to find new and perfect solutions for it's design tools and NOT to copy competitors. This philosophy lead to our ProArt & ProLace Embroidery Design & Punching Systems, which are unique in many respects. Now AllCAD continues this tradition as trendsetter and opens completely new prospects in design development, which result in massive increase of efficiency and productivity in the whole creative process.

Traditional, old fashioned way of design development

1st Day
The designer brings his idea to paper, resulting in a rough sketch. Sketch
He scans this sketch and traces it with CorelDraw, Freehand, Photoshop etc.
He works out the sketch by filling areas, copying the repeat and adding a background.
Result: a dull and flat sketch
2nd Day
This sketch is normally not good enough to be presented to the customer, so a sample must be produced.

The sketch comes to the design department, where it serves as base for the draft.
It must be traced again and a technical design must be elaborated. Depending on the equipment, this will be done manually or with an embroidery design system.
3rd Day
The technical draft is passed to the punching department, where the stitch data are produced.

3rd Day
Finally the stitch data are sent to the production, where a sample is produced, in the best case on a sampling machine otherwise on a regular production machine.
After 4 days, the sample comes back to the sales department. There the agents can present it to the customer, along with the calculated price.

If the agent is lucky, he gets the order and in the best case the order can be processed on base of the already punched design after at least 5 days.
But this is very unlikely and in most cases the customer requires modifications or a cheaper price. In this case the whole process, Design > Drafting > Punching > Sampling, starts again and results in even higher development cost.

Now AllCAD's new revolutionary way with it's ProFamily

1st Day
The first step is same. The designer brings his idea to paper.
Next he works out the sketch by applying stitches. This is very easy due to the many existing automatic programs.
Finally he sends the design to ProView, where he defines the color layout.
Result: a photo realistic embroidery simulation
Next he calculates the price, based on the ProArt stitch estimation.
Within one day only he can already present the image and the price to his customer.
2nd Day
The desired modifications can be applied and a new simulation along with the new price can be presented to the customer.

Once the customer accepts, the design, can be sent to the puncher, who directly works with the same file. No tracing and no drafting are necessary anymore.
In the next step the puncher adds underlayers and connects all embroidery objects.
Also labor cost is saved, because drafters are not required anymore, due to the fact that the puncher can directly work on the file, which was created by the designer.
After only 2 days of development, from the idea to the stitch data, the production of the design can already start.  
This is a saving of at least 50% of time plus saved sampling cost.  
If the first version of the design is not accepted by the customer, the saving is even much much higher.  
Also labor cost is saved, because drafters are not required anymore, due to the fact that the puncher can directly work on the file, which was created by the designer.  

All this results in massive savings and in a dramatically increased productivity!