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ProFamily - The Revolution in Creativity
ProArt - Embroidery Design System
ProLace - Combined Embroidery Design & Punching System
ProView - Embroidery Viewer

The half way to success in the Embroidery Business is to present a collection of outstanding designs to your customers. Customers want to have a big choice, and the more excellent designs you can offer, the better the chances are to sell them.
Another 30% of the success depend on the stitch data, produced by your punchers. Better stitch data result in higher product quality and lower production cost. With perfect stitch data you will have satisfied customers, less production problems, less machine standstills and reduced mending cost.

Consequently 80% of the success of your embroidery products depend on the quality of the designs, the qualification of your designers and punchers and last but not least the quality of the tools, which they are using.

Not the latest machine technology in your production, but the designs, created in you creative department are the key to your success!

With our ProFamily we have the best tools for all your requirements in your creative department, from the sketch to the stitch data. But we don't offer you just tools, we offer you the most advanced and thorough solution for all your creative tasks.

ProFamily - The Revolution in Creativity

Since the foundation in 1998 AllCAD Technologies  was always committed to find new and perfect solutions for it's design tools. This philosophy lead to our ProArt & ProLace Embroidery Design & Punching Systems, which are unique in many respects. Now AllCAD continues this tradition as trendsetter and opens completely new prospects in design development, which  result in a massive increase of efficiency and productivity in the whole creative process.

Detailed Information about AllCAD's Revolution in Creativity

The ProFamily fits in your environment

The ProFamily fits perfectly in your company. No need to reorganize it!
It fulfills excellent the demands of a one man punching studio, where all tasks are performed on a single workstation and in case of a big enterprise it guarantees an optimized workflow, where the same data can be used from Marketing to the Production.

 With the combination ProArt & ProView, the Designer can elaborate perfect presentation material, with the advantage, that the resulting design can directly be used by the drafter and puncher.  
 With ProArt the Drafter gets the perfect tool to work out technical embroidery design.
The resulting designs can be plotted on paper in 3:1 or 6:1 and later be punched on a digitizer based system, or it can be passed to a ProLace puncher.
 With ProLace the Puncher can take over all embroidery objects, created by the designer or drafter. As ProLace contains also all functions of ProArt, the puncher can also make modifications by himself and doesn't have to return the design to the design department.



ProArt Embroidery Design System

ProArt is a user friendly and powerful design system.
With ProArt, designers can simplify their procedures for
creating their ideas. In addition, with ProArt you can directly modify existing files in dwg and dxf format. Therefore designers can save much time by simply modifying old creations.

A broad range of commands like scale, move, mirror, trim, extend, copy, rotate, etc. assist designers to realize extraordinary ideas.
Excellent automatic programs, which can be used to design an infinite number of stitches and filling types, relieve the designer from the troublesome preparation of technical embroidery designs. Standard designs are simply stored in a pattern library and can be readily utilized. With ProArt you save valuable time, needed for routine tasks and the designer can concentrate more on the creative aspects of drafting

ProLace Embroidery Design and Punching System

ProLace is a combined embroidery design and punching system. Not only does it include all functions of the ProArt embroidery design system, but it combines them with the power of a full featured punching system.

After designing, the puncher can utilize ProLace to punch the design. No paper and no digitizer are required. The puncher can directly take over embroidery objects from the design. If modifications are necessary, the puncher can amend the design by himself. All design functions are at his disposal. It's the most efficient, time and cost saving way of punching.

Detailed Information about the various Updates of ProArt & ProLace
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ProViewProView Embroidery Viewer

ProView is a program that displays a preview of the ProArt or ProLace design in a separate window, so that the designer or puncher can get an overview over the whole design, independent from the zoom factor which he is actually using in the ProArt or ProLace editing window. It helps him also to navigate in the design, to observe the punching progress and to see the effects of color change and needle programming.

But ProView does not support only the Puncher, it supports also the Designer!
ProArt & ProLace are also capable to generate a preview of the embroidery from a design, which is not yet punched. ProView can display all automatic objects like edge, blattstitch, geflect, etc., which appear in the design. Thus you can generate already a perfect preview of your embroidery before the design is punched! This feature of course can help you to save valuable time and makes ProView an indispensable tool for your marketing & sales department. 

There are three ProView versions available.
With ProView 1 you can define needle colors, a background color and a thread width to produce a flat preview of the embroidery. ProView 2 goes further and enables you to produce a photo realistic 3D image of your embroidery and with ProView 3 you can also show special effects like Laser / Thermo cut, Fancy yarn like Metallic yarn and Soutache, Cord yarn.

Detailed Information about ProView 1
Detailed Information about ProView 2

Detailed Information about ProView 3