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ProArt Embroidery Design System

With the new ProArt a new era begins in your company: Drawing with CAD-technology. You will draw much quicker, more precisely and creatively. And ... you'll enjoy it!

ProArt designs, draws, modifies, memorizes , plots, enlarges, reduces, copies, removes, rolls, reflects and summarizes by pressing a key. ProArt scans even your cole-drafts into the computer system in next time and elaborates perfect sketches and technical embroidery drawings.

Ergonomic and modern user interface
ProArt is based on the user-friendly and reliable WindowsXP™ multitasking operating system. It allows you to run several programs simultaneously in different windows. In this way it is no longer necessary to close e.g. the scanning software before you run ProArt. You can keep it in the background to make immediately modifications, if you are not satisfied with the scanned image.

Also plotting runs in the background. The plotter is still working and you can just continue designing in ProArt.

Scans even handmade sketches and samples
The new high resolution scanners accept and convert to ProArt your rough hand-made sketches as well as samples of lace. The result is always optimal. You get a sharp and perfect picture on your screen.

On the first go it generates perfect outlines
The program to take over the outlines will fascinate you especially when drawing curves. You only have to place the mouse on the beginning of the curve to be drawn. When moving the mouse, the system creates a flexible arc. You can move and stretch the arc dynamically, till it fits to the outline. Then you give the final "OK". No further corrections will be necessary. No wasted time for corrections.
Powerful automatic programs
By means of programs, which were specially developed for the embroidery designer, it is an easy job to produce technical embroidery drafts with or without all stitches.

Fillings, Symbols and Parametric Embroidery Macros
Numerous patterns can be easily filled in areas. The boundary of the area will be detected automatically by the system. If you want to produce a sketch, it is also possible to fill areas with colors.
You can easily build up a library with frequently used symbols like flowers, paddles, stars, etc. After you have designed a new symbol, you can pick it up from an icon menu.

Symbols are very useful for the designer, but not flexible. For each single variant of a flower you have to design a new symbol. This can result in a huge muddled symbol library. Thanks to our new Parametric Embroidery Macros you can create thousands of variants of flowers and festons. You specify a few parameters like number of paddles, inside radius, outside radius, distance between paddles, paddle type, etc. and the system constructs the flower for you including all stitches.

You can calculate the number of stitches of a design, and
you can switch between design- and punch-view

To change e.g. the density of an embroidery object select the object and change the density parameter in the dialog-box. The system finally redesigns the object with the new density.
If you change the shape of a blattstitch you can correct the stitches with a simple update command.
You are not satisfied with the direction of the stitches of a geflect or of a blattstitch? In this case first correct the direction or/and the position of the red inclination line (see in the upper design) and then perform an update. The stitches will immediately be corrected.

A language genius
ProArt can communicate with you in English, German, Italian and Chinese.
Object oriented software design
This all is possible due to an object oriented software design of the AllCAD ProArt Embroidery Design System.
With AllCAD ProArt you are ready for the 21st century!

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