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Second Hand Machines


Such as Card Cutters/Readers, Punching Systems, Bobbin Winders, Repeating Machines, Sampling Machines, etc.?

We are the SOURCE

Contact Person
15/12/15 We would like to buy a Lässer MD3B,
10 yard Schiffli Machine in good working condition.
Mr. Haega, Digital Pro Design Co., LTD., Thailand
Tel.: +66 8 18214169
Fax: +66 34 391480
14/12/15 We would like to buy Lässer Schiffli King for Lässer Top RH Plastic Shuttle and also Lässer Schiffli Machine 20 M. Mr. Nurul Islam, Swiss Schiffli Fashion Ltd., Bangladesh
Tel.: +880 17 11567878
Fax: +880 2 9887879
5/12/15 We would like buy two Lässer MDT (Tandem) Machines 22 yard Mr. Mihir Valia, Kism Textile, India
Tel.: + 91 98 20588842
10/11/15 We would like to buy Lässer Embroidery Machine, Sampling Machine Dr.S.Ainul Haque, Juksan (BD) Ltd., Bangladesh
Tel.: +880 2 7788232
Fax: +880 2 7788235
25/10/15 We would like to buy Lässer  or Saurer machines. Please contact us if u have any for sale. Mr. Faisal Tauheed Puri,
The National Silk & Rayon Mills, Pakistan
Tel.: + 92 300 8666625
Fax: +92 41 8712216
10/10/15 We would like to buy Saurer 1040 machine 14.20m with top * p 8 metal shuttle, frame height 110cm, without servo, can be heinzle e-card or paper card Mr. Patel Shamjibhai, Em-broidery Card Creators, India
Tel.: + 91 98 25511535
Fax: +32 32 303403
22/9/15 We would like to sell a Schiffli King Lässer DOM: 2006, still in production, price 35000€
only for Lässer LH Shuttle
Mr. Franck Leveque,
Broderies Leveque, France
Tel.: +33 68 2017768
Fax: +33 32 7820866
18/8/15 We would like to buy P-8 original Saurer metal shuttle second hand for Saurer 1040 machine. Quantity about 4000*5000pcs.
Can be delivered to and taken in any European country as well.
Mr. Patel, Embroidery Card Creators Sachin, Surat, India
Tel.: +91 98 25511535
Fax: +32 3 5008833
20/7/15 We would like to sell fresh Pit-man, needle rams, bush, needle holder, upper slider,lower slider, ceramic holder, borer, needle plates, etc, bcz, we are going to close the factory.  We also would like to sell a bobbin winder machine usefull for Lässer, Saurer and all type of quilting machines. Mr. Dhiren, Embroidery Card Creator, India
Tel.: + 91 261 2485655
Fax: +91 261 2485656
17/3/15 We would like to sell 2  Saurer Epoca III,
16.3 yard, build 2002
Mr. El Alami,  Sobrolux
Tel.: +21 266 1153655
25/2/15 We would like to sell and Embroidery Machine Lässer LS83-108-90 ATC, 1992 MME. Courtois,
Lapierre, France
Tel.: +33 32 7765330

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