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AllCAD Technologies celebrates the 15th birthday of ProLcae with the release of Version 5.5
AllCAD proudly announces the launch of Version 5.5 of its flagship products
ProArt & ProLace.
Based on the feedback from our valued clients and from numerous presentations
and customer trainings amazing new
features for Designers as well as for
Punchers have been added.
With this new program Version AllCAD introduces the new and revolutionary
Branch concept.
Another highlight is the new Geflect stitch program which allows you to fill much
more complex areas.
Click here to see a complete description of all new features of version 5.5.



Traditional workshops at Shih Chien University Kaohsiung and Tainan University of Technology.

Also in 2016 Mr. Muller, CEO of AllCAD Technology Ltd. holds the already traditional Workshop "Computer Aided Embroidery Design" at both Universities.
We hope that the students will receive valuable knowledge for their future career hopefully in an Embroidery Company.

Click here to visit the facebook page of the Shih Chien Workshop.

Comerio F1 format now available in ProLace from Versions 4.5

The Comerio F1format was the most important machine format in the North Italian embroidery center around the city of Gallarate.

Click here to learn more.

Alternate Color Sequin Designs with the new ProView 3.1

ProView 3.1 is a program, which can generate perfect Photorealistic 3D Simulations of Embroidery Designs, which also use advanced techniques like Soutache and Laser/Thermo Cut.
ProView 3 Screen

Now with the new ProView 3.1 is it even possible to simulate Sequin designs with alternat colors.
Click here to learn more.